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Josh MaviliaJosh Mavilia

Who Is Josh Mavilia?

Josh Mavilia is a personal trainer, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, & nutrition coach from Hanson, Massachusetts. He currently owns Josh Mavilia Fitness in Weymouth, Massachusetts where he specializes in helping his clients establish sustainable healthy habits to promote long-term success in health, performance, and weight loss.

Learn more about Josh’s background and personality here.

What Clients Are Saying …

In addition to losing weight and improving my overall physical fitness, my main goal has been to have productive, pain free work outs.

I had success during the Lose Big program with Josh, losing over 6% of my weight. My greatest achievement, however, has been the fact that I have been able to participate in exercises that I NEVER thought I’d be able to do with my knee and back pain. The workouts have helped me just as much, if not more than going to the chiropractor and physical therapy combined.

Josh has a great sense of humor and an easy going personality, as do the other people in his groups. Lots of laughs!

Jen, 34

Goals: post bilateral knee replacements – strengthen leg muscles around knee and maximize flexion and extension on both knees – eliminate pain and stiffness and be able to undertake full aerobic, strength and flexibility activities.


I am certainly stronger and in better overall shape than when I first started with Josh. Back and hamstrings especially are significantly stronger. Although plagued by pain, mentally at least I feel as though I am doing something that will eventually produce better health and less pain. I now have a workout regimen that targets the most critical areas of the body and it is something I can work with going forward.

I am amazed at the distinct, almost isometrical exercises that Josh uses to target specific areas of the body. Smaller muscles get involved in every exercise. Josh knows so much about the interactions between different areas of the body and incorporates exercises that work multiple areas at the same time. Time is very well spent, no loafing with Josh.

Other than waving a magic wand to take away the pain and stiffness, there is nothing else I would expect from the sessions or feel wasn’t done while training with Josh. In fact, I really believe these sessions with Josh were far superior and more beneficial than the formal PT sessions I went through after my bilateral TKR’s (35 sessions +).

Jim, 61

I’ve become stronger and feel more energetic.


I enjoy Josh’s sense of humor and the way he pushes you while still making you feel good about yourself.Anonymous, 50

My goals at first were to have better control of my blood sugar and to gain more muscle tone in general. Working with Josh has helped me to work towards both of these goals so far!


Working with Josh I have learned exercises to target specific muscle groups. Josh takes the time to explain which muscle groups we are working on with the training programs that he designs. Although the sessions that I’ve done with Josh are usually in a small group, he also takes the time to make sure that each person in the group is performing the exercises correctly to prevent injury and to benefit from the training as much as possible.


I have also noticed the positive effect that the training sessions have had on my blood sugar control. On days that I have training I don’t require as much insulin because the workout itself helps to lower my blood sugar. My A1C (long term measure of glucose control) has also improved since starting training with Josh.

I enjoy the training sessions because they provide a fun, nonjudgmental environment where I can work on my health goals. Being in a small group setting where people share about the progress that they’ve made since starting training helps to motivate me to work on my own goals.

I also have enjoyed the sessions because I am getting guidance from an experienced professional about which exercises will benefit me the most based on my goals. Starting an exercise regimen on your own can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not even sure if you’re doing the exercises correctly!

Amanda, 31

Working with Josh was the perfect next step from physical therapy back to the world of moderate physical fitness training after hip replacement-related muscular and alignment issues. My core and leg strength have definitely improved along with knowing “what to do” and “when to do it” so that I can now continue to train and improve on my own.


Josh paid attention and worked with my issues as well as my ability to execute tweaking what needed to be tweaked. His upbeat, pleasant and easy-to-get-along-with personality combined with his professional knowledge to keep the training interesting and relative with a variety of uncomplicated exercises and stretches specific to my ability and; yes,coordination!Marion, 62

I have always been very interested in weight lifting, and now that I have put my fitness goals as a major priority in my life, I want to learn how to work out – both in terms of being able to do exercises in proper form but also in terms of learning which exercises pair with one another so I can make workouts for myself and become independent in a gym, or at least relatively so.


After five sessions with Josh, I have worked a lot on my form with many different exercises, and now that I have reached a level of comfort with these exercises, I am slowly adding weight to my exercises to push my limits and build my strength and stamina.


The circuit format of the training has kept the sessions interesting and exciting – I don’t get tired or bored of any of the exercises and love how many different exercises I can do in just one hour.


Josh is incredibly personable, and we spend most of my sessions conversing, mostly with Josh talking and I trying to talk, because the high intensity sessions take my breath away. I am very happy with the sessions so far, and will be reupping my package of sessions once I use my last one.Patrick, 22

My injured knee has become much stronger, usually pain free, and now I understand how to keep it that way (Josh is a good educator). My body is getting stronger, posture is improving, and I’m losing weight at the same time! I feel more confident about exercising because my knowledge of body mechanics has improved.


Josh is very personable, focused on the trainee, and is a good listener, making modifications quickly when needed and explaining how to progress as strength improves.Anonymous, 56

Original injury dates back 10+ years when I dislocated my right shoulder in high school playing lacrosse.  It’s been a recurring issue ever since with occasional dislocations, orthopedic surgeon classifies it as shoulder instability and recommended PT before pursuing surgery.  I did 8 weeks of PT, focused mainly on strengthening and stabilizing my shoulder, but I was looking for some help in how to still strength train properly without putting added stress on the shoulder.  So I asked to schedule some training sessions with Josh, not knowing anything about the 60/60 program.


Josh showed me some great exercises to do that helped strengthen my shoulder to the point where it no longer feels unstable.  I’d say I’m back to normal everyday functionality, not quite 100% but that will still take some time.  I popped it out trying to do a pull-up recently, but that was my fault.  I think everyone should have some transition from PT to the gym with a trainer to show what exercises to do and how to do them properly without further injury.Chris, 29

I have lost 25 lbs. and a number of waist sizes. Lower back pain has improved with increased core strength. Overall improved energy level and healthiness.


Josh provides a comprehensive training session yet at a pace that allows for proper instruction. Josh also has a flexibility to his programs that keep the participant engaged in the training. Josh also provides a solid knowledge base on daily nutrition. Oh course his singing is a plus.Chris, 44

I enjoy the concentration on stretching, which is where I need to be at this point (having injured my back). I feel that the workout is tailor-made, not a one-size-fits-all approach that I have experiences in other programs such as boot camps.Anonymous, 62, Weymouth Club

I enjoy working out! That is a new experience for me. Josh is attentive to detail, knowledgeable about my health conditions, and strikes just the right balance in allowing me to experience progress & challenges.

 Anonymous, 61, Weymouth Club

Josh is very watchful of what I can do and is able to set up programs that are realistic to help me achieve my goals. I enjoy that every session is different.Anonymous, 61, Weymouth Club

I just finished training with Josh for a few months. Prior to starting with Josh I’d been training at the Weymouth Club on my own for the better part of a year with the goal of losing a lot of extra weight, mostly doing a circuit routine with smaller dumbbell and bodyweight movements. I had been interested in powerlifting for a while, but was unsure that I could start it on my own in a safe way.


Josh made barbell work approachable, making sure I had the right skills and flexibility for the big lifts. He taught me how to front and back squat, how to deadlift, and perfected my bench press. He also taught me a few basic kettlebell swings to build even more strength, and got me closer to being able to do an overhead press with a barbell as well.


When I started trained with Josh I was at 5’10” and 206lbs, and at a time where I might have started plateauing in my fitness journey, I continued to lose weight – losing another 12lbs training with him.


Now I have the fundamental powerlifting skills I’ll be using in the gym for years to come, and a renewed confidence and ambition with my physical fitness. Now I plan on losing even more weight to achieve a decent amount of leanness, at which point I’ll start to *gasp* actually build muscle! Josh’s knowledge, confidence, and sense of humor makes him worth his weight in gold! If you’re thinking about working with him, just do it. You won’t regret it!Brian C., 29

I trained with Josh for over a year and he was always consistent in his training, attitude, and humor. Every workout was challenging, while finding that balance between too difficult and too easy. Josh would always check in with me on my current goals, and would even offer suggestions as to what my future goals could be. I was able to notice real and lasting results in strength, fat loss, and confidence.


Josh is someone that is not afraid to bring his personality into the session, which is good because it’s one that allows the training time to be enjoyable and successful each time. He knows how to bring out the best in each client and is always ready to either listen to or offer a funny story, drawing, or musical interlude.Jason D., 33

I have been training with Josh for the last 5 , almost 6 months. At first I was skeptical that I did not need it and I knew how to work out in the gym on my own. Boy, was I wrong. I weighed in at 200 hundred pounds and I now weigh 177.


I had a total foot reconstruction and my body was immobile for 1 year! Josh looked at the areas that I needed to strengthen and had me work hard on them! I am back to work full time now and I no longer walk with a limp! I played my first round of golf in 2 years last week and I felt good!


I realize that I worked hard on my own but if I did not have his leadership, I would not be where I am today! I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to go to another level of training and working out! He is a young man with a great future! Thanks for helping me get my life back!Dave M., 57

Awesome!!! Josh is very knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and motivating.Anonymous, Weymouth Club

I have trained with Josh Mavilia and can honestly say he put me through one of the best workouts I have done in a long time, not too hard, not too easy, just enough that I left feeling accomplished and wanting more.


He has been training my husband and I in joint sessions since we have joined and I cannot give him enough praise. My husband who was originally against personal training loved every minute of it.Anonymous, Weymouth Club

In college I was running 80 miles a week and unbelievably dedicated to my sport. You could say I was obsessed with it! Immediately after college I ran into some health issues and had 2 surgeries that derailed me from my passion. Fast forward 18 months from the surgeries, and I was working 60 hours a week with a lack of passion and drive like I had in college. As a result, I lost all of the hard work I had put in over the last 7 years. At this point I knew it was time to make a change.


During my time training with Josh, I have felt amazing. I have seen some great results, and have even deadlifted 305 lbs. already. I never would have even thought that was a possibility for myself! Currently my goals are to hit 400 lbs. in the deadlift, drop my body fat under 15% and maybe make it onto the cover of GQ like Josh claims he has. With his help I know I can make two of those happen hah! Also, there are rumors that Josh is quite the singer. I unfortunately have not had the chance to hear him sing, but I hear he is collaborating with Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift on their next albums. Should be some excellent music. Nathan B., 24, Former NCAA D1 Athlete

What Colleagues Are Saying …

Everything was great! I absolutely recommend Josh as a personal trainer. I just want to implement what I’ve learned from Josh into my regular routine.

Larry Kramer, Aquatic Instructor, 63

I am a colleague of Josh and we enjoy co-training some clients at the Weymouth Club. I completely admire his skill and knowledge in functional training. I love working with him and would trust him with my own body to strengthen and develop endurance.Deb Quigley, Aquatic Personal Trainer, Weymouth Club

I was never one to do a lot of weight training, and always fell into a rut when it came to getting toned and losing weight. Josh has given me a lot of motivation to start lifting on my own more, and I can see a huge change in my strength. Over the last few months, we have gradually been able to work up in weight with squats and deadlifts, and I can do a pull up now!


Josh has a great personality and is very motivating. He has a great knowledge of body mechanics, and never tries to push you to do something that could hurt you. He is great at progressing along at a safe pace, and takes the whole body into consideration.Laura Bradbury, PT, DPT, Bay State Physical Therapy

I have known Josh for over 4 years and throughout that time he continues to impress me with his knowledge base and attention to detail when it comes to elite training, corrective movement, and removing pain from an individual. In 2011 we started collaborating at Northeastern University as personal trainers while I was beginning school for physical therapy.  Throughout that process Josh was very helpful in assisting my education outside of the classroom. I was able to interact with him on many different levels because he understood a lot of the physical therapy “language” and knew how to apply that to personal training clients. Josh has a great way of simplifying complex subject matters to deliver an effective message and slow down the pace for someone who may have difficulty learning a new movement.


However, he also knows when to just “train” and get things done versus becoming too caught up in the “functional/movement training” world that exists. As a physical therapist, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, and competitive powerlifter, I have not hesitated to refer any of my clients or patients to Josh. I am very confident in his abilities to help anyone return to sport, enhance physical performance, and prevent pain.  Most of all I would even refer myself to Josh because I trust his perspective and experience.Philip Gauthier, PT, DPT, CSCS