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3-Days-A-Week to Bigger Arms

Everyone knows frequency is king. Want to be better at something? Do it more. There really isn’t any room to dispute this truth. Ever heard of the Smolov squat program? Hopefully you have, because it’s ultra bad-ass. You squat four days a week. And do pretty much nothing else. And wouldn’t you know it, the Smolov cycle is well known for putting 40-100 lbs on a lifters max squat in only a few short months.

Every guy wants big arms. They are a symbol of strength. A mark worn by only the greatest weight room warriors. It’s easy to make your arms look good. But it’s hard to legitimately grow your arms past a certain point without becoming a beast in the big lifts. Once you’ve become that beast, however, try adding a bit of extra arm work to your weight room diet.

Don’t forget to do some leg work too.

Here’s a high frequency arm program that I think you should try. However, not everyone needs to try it. If you fall into any of the following categories, just continue with your good ol’ traditional compound movements.

  • You cannot perform a strict curl and tricep extension with at least 100 lbs.
  • You already perform an “arms” day and don’t want to drop it.
  • You don’t think high frequency training works.
  • You don’t want big arms.

The program is simple to follow. Pick three days during the week so that you have at least 48 hours in between workouts. Here’s the prescription:

Day 1

Warmup – 1×10 (50% 1RM)

Work set #1 – 1×12+(68% 1RM)

Day 2

Warmup – 1×10 (50% 1RM)

Work set #1 – 1×9+ (75% 1RM)

Day 3

Warmup – 1×10 (50% 1RM)

Work set #1 – 1×6+ (82% 1RM)

That’s it. Nothing special. Pick one exercise for biceps and one for triceps. If you can get seven reps on the work set of Day 3, it’s time to up the weight. Add 5 lbs to your 1RM and start again next week. The “+” indicates additional reps. Once you hit your total for the day, keep pushing past it until you fail. Or don’t. But you probably should.

Big arms are a side-effect of being strong

I like the structure of this because it allows you to get some quality work in on your arms without sacrificing an entire day to arm training. Each day, these four sets should take no more than ten minutes of your time.

I didn’t do any work for my triceps; I only used this template for strict barbell curls. In my opinion, you get plenty of stimulation from things like close-grip bench presses and floor presses, as well as any other kind of vertical or horizontal presses. Plus, between chins and a bunch of other accessory movements, adding some curls to my program helped my elbows feel a hell of a lot better.

For a frame of reference, I increased my max strict curl by about 25 lbs in three weeks. Give it a shot for a couple months and see how it works. The worst thing it can do is make you stronger.

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