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Thoughts for the Day: 12/4

It’s officially December. You now have one month left in the year to complete all of your New Year’s resolutions from last January that you quit on in February. Just kidding, but seriously. Good luck losing those 10 lbs during the holidays. (Sorry for the cynicism.)

My first thought for the day is that you should have skipped down to the second article in my blog, Insulin-based Nutrition: Part II, before you even thought about reading this post.

Second, here are a few articles you should read.

The first is this one by Mark Rippetoe. I don’t always agree with his strong opinions on strength training, but he’s brilliant and this is an excellent article:

The next article is one that I found on Now, usually I don’t like to use articles off of websites like unless I’m seeking out all the flaws and explaining why they’re wrong, but I thought the ideas were interesting. Especially the third point, it’s definitely true.

The article is about avoiding holiday weight gain and cites the color of your plate, the size of your wine glass, and which end of the buffet table you start as as factors that may influence it.

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