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About Josh


Josh is a health and fitness expert with plenty of experience training everybody from working parents to professional athletes. You can quickly notice him in the gym by his incessant singing, frequent laughing, and neon New Balance Minimus sneakers.

Although Josh has high-level certifications such as the NSCA-CSCS, FMS, and Precision Nutrition Pn1, he finds great value in continuously educating himself in any and all things fitness-related. He is an avid reader, YouTube video-watcher, and fitness seminar-attendee.

Josh’s favorite foods include Haagen-Dazs caramel cone ice cream, bison burgers, and Venus Cafe gold fever chicken pizza, but he spends most of his time eating chicken, broccoli, and greek yogurt.

In his spare time, he can be found hanging out with his friends and family, going for joy rides in his truck, or lifting heavy things.