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Using The 80/20 Rule For Fat Loss

The 80/20 rule, known simply as Pareto’s Principle, is a concept that states that 80% of your outcomes¬†will come as …

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Want Success? Do the Opposite

Progress is not linear. Not in society in general and definitely not in your fitness life. Powerlifters can’t just add …

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10 Reasons Women Should Lift Heavy Weights (And Avoid Long-Duration Cardio)

There have been a million good posts written about “X Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights” and the thing is, …

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Insulin-based Nutrition: Part III

Nutrition is a complicated dragon to slay. There are many schools of thought on how we should be eating for …

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Try This Exercise: Wide-Stance Long Lever Plank

I think a big mistake that people frequently make is thinking that they’ve outgrown an exercise. Glute bridges, goblet squats, …

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A Concise (But Valuable) Primer on Foam Rolling

In my current ¬†place of employment, foam rolling (also known as soft tissue work) is a bit of an overlooked …

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