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“How Do I Create My Own Complex?”

Complexes seem to be sort of a lost art, like RSVPing to things instead of clicking “Maybe” on the Facebook …

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Sitting is Killing You: A Case for Strength

I believe it was the great Sheldon Cooper that once said, “If outside is so good, why has mankind spent …

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Fed Up: A Film Review (Since When Does Josh Do Film Reviews?)

So this weekend I had some free time and decided to spend it on Upworthy and YouTube. A bit of …

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Are We Over-Conditioning Our Athletes?

No, not that kind of conditioning. That sounds a bit outlandish at first. “Over-conditioning”? ¬†How is that possible? That’s like …

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Applying Movement Planes to Speed and Agility

How about this weather, huh? We were just sitting at work talking about what a great stretch of it we’re …

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