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Powerlifting For Longevity

How Building Your Total Can Provide A Base For Health And Well-Being You Should Read This Post If: You’re considering …

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Toe Touches for Fat Loss?

One of the biggest questions I’ve had to ask myself (and subsequently answer) has been this: is it necessary to …

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“Why Should I Deadlift If My Goal Is Fat Loss?”

Man, this stumped me. I was standing in the center of the trap bar, mid-demonstration, when the client asked me why …

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Phil Gauthier Wanted Me To Post About Ankle Mobility, So Here It Is

Gotcha, Phil! I had my five-year high school reunion last weekend and if I only learned one thing, it’s that people …

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Analyzing Strength Programs: Part II

So it’s been a solid week and a half since my most recent post. I left off talking about strength …

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Analyzing Strength Programs: Part I

Programming for strength training can be difficult. Looking at a training program and trying to figure it out can be …

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