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Fed Up: A Film Review (Since When Does Josh Do Film Reviews?)

So this weekend I had some free time and decided to spend it on Upworthy and YouTube. A bit of …

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All About Hamstrings

I know you’ve heard all the rumors. I’m sure I’ve heard every rumor about hamstrings that there is. They’re the most …

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The Problem With Shaming

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about fit-shaming and fat-shaming …  and Crossfit-shaming. Somewhere, somebody has a problem with …

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Analyzing Strength Programs: Part II

So it’s been a solid week and a half since my most recent post. I left off talking about strength …

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Are All Carbs Created Equal? A Practical Examination

So here’s the thing. I’m in the truck the other night helping a buddy move some stuff and we’re talking …

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A Quick Primer on Body Recomposition

Body recomposition is different than weight loss or weight gain and is the process of altering the ratio of lean mass …

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